A Brief ​Overview

Canine Structure

uThe Key to Performance and Injury Prevention

Breeding Based on Pedigree Only

  • Lots of talent
  • Lots of fire breathing dragons
  • Some genetic issues like “noise”

Breeding Based on Parents Accomplishments

  • Bragging rites
  • Doesn’t guarantee success

Breeding Based on the Appearance of the Parents

  • Breeding Based on the Appearance of the Parents
  • Gives you similar structure

Structure Affects the Ability to Stop and Turn

  • Long Backed Dogs – Weak Core / Abdominal Strength Croup/Butt
  • High Dogs – Cannot Collect to Slow Down
  • Straight Rear Legs – No Suspension to Control the Turn

Angulation = Suspension

Suspension = Shock Absorption

Causes of Injury

  • Weak Structure – determined at eight weeks of age
  • Excessive Repetition – especially before growth plates close
  • Poor Training Practices