About Lin

I have been training dogs for 50 years in the areas of obedience, field, agility, and tracking. I have titled many dogs over the years: obedience/utility, tracking, master hunter, senior hunter, and master agility. I am also a hunt test judge for the AKC, and have been honored to judge both the Master National and the Master Amateur National.

My primary focus is to evaluate performance dogs, whether following injury and then building a recovery/rehab program, or to evaluate a dog’s structure and then develop a program that will build a better athlete. In addition, I present seminars to teach the proper evaluation of canine structure and then how to assess the dog’s potential as an athlete and competitor.

I also evaluate puppy litters. This is the best way to select your next performance partner because the structure of a puppy at 8 weeks of age dictates the outcome as an adult.

I have a Bachelor of Science in health and education, I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, and I was the first Veterinary Technician Practitioner licensed in the state of Minnesota through the MVMA (Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association). During my 30-year career at the University of Minnesota, I have worked with equine lameness, surgery, and rehab. I have lectured and trained many veterinary students in the areas of canine and equine gait analysis, radiology, surgical technique, animal handling, rehab, and conditioning. I became certified as a Canine Rehab Practitioner, and developed the University’s of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center Canine and Equine Rehab facility.